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What to test in a dashboard?

Hello, I have casually become the tester of the team just because I am the only frontend developer and I know JS better than any other. They do not have unit tests and JS code at frontend is a huge JQuery mess. So e2e is the best I can do right now. The only thing I'm struggling with is how to write test cases for relatively simple dashboard which consists of one aside element with filters and 5 charts showing B2B marketing stats. Given that user interaction is limited to the above mentioned filters section, what could I test other than those picklists? Responsiveness is not a major concern for stakeholders and the charts can vary in size depending on the filters selected, so visual regression tests would not be that reliable (that's what happens when you have backend devs doing frontend). Any suggestions?

This thread is trying to answer question "What could I test in a dashboard other than the picklists? How could I have detected a bug where a picklist duplicates options when the parent select has two or more options selected?"

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you can monitor data requests that populate those charts, for instance


for instance, if you change filters, ensure that requests are made with proper filter values, and stuff like that

If you're looking to learn general tester / QA methodologies, I'd recommend starting with either the Test Automation University path that matches your stack: https://testautomationu.applitools.com/ , or looking at the syllabus of the ISQTB Foundation Level Syllabus; https://istqb-main-web-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/media/documents/ISTQB_CTFL_Syllabus-v4.0.pdf

If you're more looking for a test plan outline for the dashboard you described, the main think (IMO) to keep in mind for E2E tests is the phrase 'as a user'. Write your test cases as little stories that start with 'If I were an end user of this dashboard and I wanted to do X, how would I do it (actions) and how would I know that I did it (assertions). Depending on how strictly your team adheres to Agile, this may be easy or it may require some inference.

Thank you, I didn't know there were free courses about testing

Today we discovered that a picklist which depends on another ones duplicates options when the parent p Select has two or more options selected but tests didn't detect the bug (there weren't specific tests for this). What could I have done differently?

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