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Struggling to handle browser dialog

Trying to verify that this browser dialog appears after clicking a button, this is an "Open with APP?" dialog but I can't seem to get it working

Has anyone dealt with these browser dialogs before? Tried a couple of methods online but none of them seem to work


This thread is trying to answer question "How can one verify the appearance of an 'Open with APP?' browser dialog after clicking a button?"

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Ollie Manley

I've been having this problem too! BUMP 😥

Ollie Manley

Sooo annoying!!


Handling Browser Dialogs in Playwright

In Playwright, you can handle browser dialogs by registering a dialog handler before triggering the action that opens the dialog. This is done using the page.on('dialog') method.

Here's a quick example:

// Register a dialog handler
page.on('dialog', async (dialog) => {
  console.log(dialog.message()); // Print the message of the dialog
  await dialog.accept(); // Accepts and closes the dialog

// Clicking a button that triggers a browser dialog
await page.getByRole('button').click();

In this code, we're simulating a button click with page.getByRole('button').click(). If a dialog appears, it's handled by the dialog event listener. Inside this listener, you can perform actions or verifications as needed.

Remember to replace 'button' with the correct role selector for your use case.

If there's no listener for page.on('dialog'), dialogs are automatically dismissed. So, make sure to handle them properly to verify their appearance after a button click.

For more insights on handling flaky tests in Playwright, check out this blog post.

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