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Playwright newbie - timeout

testninja77posted in #help-playwright
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Hi, Complete Playwright newbie with hopefully a newbie question. I'm converting a test from Cypress to Playwright (yay) and on running the test I am getting timeout issues.

Mostly Locator.click: Test timeout of 30000ms exceeded

I'm struggling to figure out if it's a case of extending the timeout or the way I'm constructing the step. "await page.locator([item I'm selecting]).getByText([text for item]).first().click();"

Any help would be great please. Many thanks.

This thread is trying to answer question "Is the timeout issue caused by needing to extend the timeout, or is there a problem with how the step is constructed in Playwright?"

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Hard to suggest anything without looking at the code or trace.

Would this help

Test timeout of 30000ms exceeded.

Error: locator.click: Test timeout of 30000ms exceeded.
Call log:
  - waiting for locator([item I'm selecting]).getByText([text for item]).first()

  82 |         await page.locator([item I'm selecting]).nth(7).click();
  83 |         await expect(page.locator('h2')).toHaveText([text for item]);

84 | await page.locator([item I'm selecting]).getByText([text for item]).first().click();

waiting for locator([item I'm selecting]).getByText([text for item]).first()

maybe element did not become visible?

On playing it through the element is there to be selected. Perhaps it's looking in the wrong place.

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