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Prevent fetching specific resources

Is it possible to fetch a page without downloading fonts?

For a specific page the fonts (ttf, otf, woff, woff2) are massive (over 20MiB !) and provide no value.

Is there a Playwright setting to prevent fetching specific resources? So I could exclude *.ttf or whatever (fonts, css, js, video, audio, etc.)

This thread is trying to answer question "Is there a Playwright setting to prevent fetching specific resources such as fonts?"

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Specific setting no, however you can use route with abort, something like: await page.route('wildcardToMatchFontsRequest', (route) => route.abort())

here is a video with more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk6ND5gVdyc

Thanks @Oci I will look into that!

@oci1458 I assume I can use await page.route(..) multiple times for different scenarios, or must I pack everything into a single call?

You should be able to use it multiple times, saying 'should' because I always end up using regex to match as much as possible, the match param can use regex: await page.route(/yourRegex/...

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