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Does Playwright wait for "load" event to be fired by all firames?

I have very interesting but also frustrating problem in our tests. Our tests are failing quite frequently with following error (screenshot). I suspect that Playwright starts listening for "load" event too late, after event was actually dispatched.

So I prepared a workaround which dispatches "load" event manually when app initialized. This reduced number of failures significantly but they still happen. I have 100% confidence that I am dispatching this "load" event.

So I started thinking if Playwright is also waiting for load events from iframes that are in the page. I think I recall some code in PW repo that tracks iframe states in the page but I don't remember where it was and what actually it was doing. Hence my question. I would really like to understand how waiting for "load" event works in order to solve this problem in our tests.


This thread is trying to answer question "Does Playwright wait for 'load' event to be fired by all iframes?"

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Some additional context

  • SPA React app with some legacy code
  • React Router
  • We build 'test' bundle and serve it locally with http server
  • Before test starts, we inject additional bundled script for mocking API calls (MSW+logic for simulating backend), we use addInitScript method for it
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