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Merged html report - how to show report?

I am sharding my tests on CI and merging them with: 'npx playwright merge-reports --reporter html ./e2e/playwright/reports/'

How do I view a merged html report e.g. 'html-report--attempt-1'. It does not contain a .html file so when i run:

npx playwright show-report e2e/playwright/reports/html-report--attempt-1

I simply get Serving HTML report at http://localhost:9323 with 404.

This thread is trying to answer question "How do I view a merged html report using Playwright?"

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Merged html report - how to show report?

Your downloaded content looks like blob reports and not a merged html report

Thanks that gives me a hint

I think you should look for playwright-report folder after using merge command

Thanks it directed me to the issue which was working directory set in yaml file.

However now I encounter another issue related: For some reason it is not reported as complete:


Dunno about this, not using giithub actions myself

Ah nevermind. solved it. It was a branch rule i forgot to remove. My problem is solved. Thanks alot!

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