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Html reports on github pages. How to retain history

I have first seen this in Allure reporter with playwright, where at the end it would create different pages on github pages based on run nr. For example after first run I would see the report here https://user.github.io/repo-name/1/

After second https://user.github.io/repo-name/2/

And so on

But Allure does not support sharding so I cannot merge the reports. And also I would like to stick to standard html reporter.

The question is, how can I create something similar to that functionality of publishing reports at different end points?

Here is my yaml code


Everytime it runs the new report overwrites the previous one here:


Thank you for your time and willing to help

This thread is trying to answer question "How can I publish reports at different endpoints on GitHub Pages without overwriting previous reports?"

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I've eventually created my own solution

@zipinel Hii, I checked your blog, but I have some problems, I can not deploy the artifact to gh pages

I do nto know what I am missing

hey @5u21 could you be more specific? do you have an error or something ? which part of the workflow does not work ?

I tried different actions, but with the peaceiris I get an error for the github_token

but I was not sure if that is taken care from github itself, or I need to enter it as a secret into my repo, and then it will be read from there

the github token is something github generates automatically with each run. leave that as is

if you get error from peaceiris try to look again at github settings, see if you did as i explained . the part about : "First go to your repos Settings - Actions - General - choose allow for the github token"

below that there is another one about github pages. check that also

@5u21 let me know about the outcome .if you still have issues please put screenshots of the error from github jobs

@zipinel sure, will do, I will give it another try, and will make sure to update the settings

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