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How to don't show page

I'm currently executing some tests, and I wanted to know how we configure Playwright to not show the web page ?

This thread is trying to answer question "How to configure Playwright to not show the web page during testing?"

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"not showing the web page", if you mean headless mode by that, you can configure that by setting use: { headless: true } in the config. Note that headless mode is the default, so you should check for overrides.

Thank you !

I have a test that works with headless: false and doesn't work when the headless is set to true.

is it normal ?

To solve this we need to set headless to true right?

║ Looks like you launched a headed browser without having a XServer running.                     ║
║ Set either 'headless: true' or use 'xvfb-run <your-playwright-app>' before running Playwright. ║
║                                                                                                ║
║ <3 Playwright Team                                                                             ║

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