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Consulting Job (paid offer)

Hi there. We are looking for someone who has experience with playwright to come in and help us structure our tests and make sure we have some good principles.

We are a small startup of friendly devs and really loving playwright but keep getting stuck with simple things and our help threads have gone unanswered really.

We keep running into problems with tests failing inconsistently between ui mode and not. Then also when we ship it to our circle ci server. Then also we just generally have questions as to whether we have organised things correctly.

We would love to pay someone for probably a few hours/1 day to come and review our few tests and help us to understand what we have been doing well and what we have been doing badly.

We also have an opportunity to come on board for a longer project to help cover more cases of our application.

Thank you all!

P.s. we use nodejs typescript react and mongo

This thread is trying to answer question "Can someone experienced with Playwright help structure our tests and provide guidance on our organization?"

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Can you share some framework template you are using .. may be if you have GitHub repo or something?

I can help you with cucumber integration with playwright if you are interested , plz connect with me

I can offer you help with this. Have worked with test automation for many years and are now focus on Playwright . It is the best testing framework now. I have used Cypress and Selenuim prior to PW. Typescript/Node is the default. Are you using GitHub and are planning to share repository with the source. It is also important to understand if you are planning to support multiple environments and devices .

We have GitHub but it is on a private repo right now.

We have a web application only. No mobile apps. So it should be nice and simple.

@dezzymei can connect with me on WhatsApp : +65 94657845

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