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`playwright install` is Hanging

I'm finding that any install of a playwright browser is failing when it gets to 90% downloaded on all my machines at the moment. Here's the DEBUG output I can see:

DEBUG=pw:install playwright install pw:install downloading Chromium 119.0.6045.9 (playwright build v1084) - attempt #1 +0ms Downloading Chromium 119.0.6045.9 (playwright build v1084) from https://playwright.azureedge.net/builds/chromium/1084/chromium-mac-arm64.zip pw:install running download: +2ms pw:install -- from url: https://playwright.azureedge.net/builds/chromium/1084/chromium-mac-arm64.zip +0ms pw:install -- to location: /var/folders/tx/gfl0tcws5c13n_b0s7p6jqbm0000gn/T/playwright-download-chromium-mac13-arm64-1084.zip +0ms pw:install -- response status code: 200 +527ms pw:install -- total bytes: 137426893 +0ms 131.1 Mb [=================== ] 95% 1.4s

Tried this with both the JS/Python versions and the same thing happens. I can download the build directly no problem. Anyone got any ideas why this might be?

This thread is trying to answer question "Why is the installation of a playwright browser failing when it gets to 90% downloaded?"

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playwright Install is Hanging

playwright install is Hanging

Changing to an older version, I find it cycles a whole bunch of download locations before ending with the following: 124.8 Mb [=================== ] 95% 1.2s pw:install attempt #2 - ERROR: Download failure, /Users/ian/Library/Caches/ms-playwright/chromium-1076/INSTALLATION_COMPLETE does not exist +27s

Update: It looks like the download of the browser were being corrupted. I've read somewhere on a thread this may be cdn related, so I downloaded to a remote machine in the US (I'm in the UK) and then scp'd that to my machine. After putting it where it's expected I'm finally able to use it.

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