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Playwright Offline Tests

Hello. is it possible to run playwright offline to test websites (no local usage) ?

This thread is trying to answer question "Is it possible to run Playwright tests offline for non-local websites?"

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so is it possible that i run my tests on my buildserver and request the url from there to my website and run all tests offline ?

when i asked chat gpt it said its only working on local machines

What do you mean by 'offline'?

the tests should run even when i dont have a internet connection

for example i lost my conenction and i run the tests on microsoft.com and they still run , you know what i mean ?

you can't normally open microsoft.com without the internet so you won't be able to run the tests either

@skorp32: so for which case i could use the "setOffline" Method you mentioned ?

so for which case i could use the "setOffline" Method you mentioned ?


probably testing locally, some use case but I'm not sure

@skorp32: ok thank you

ok thank you

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