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How to disable parallelisation for certain test in different projects

Hi, I have question regarding test parallelisation. We have a test which updates the user account with different random details and validates that the new values are accepted by the server. It works fine in full parallel mode with other tests as long as I use just one project.

However my concern is, if we run this test with multiple projects, different browsers/projects might run this test at the same time, thus causing conflicts in the data validation.

Is there a way to ensure that this test never get executed at the same time by different browsers/projects? Or do you have any suggestions on how to tackle this problem?

This thread is trying to answer question "Is there a way to ensure that a test updating user account details and validating them against a server does not get executed at the same time by different browsers or projects?"

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I think there isn't another solution for this than to make sure the same tests on the different projects are each touching different/unique user accounts.

Alright. Thanks both of you.

@Владислав Уткин Serial mode only works with the same test session. When different projects run in parallel, for example, from different machines, there is no way to lock a test until the other project is done with it.

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