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How much resources does playwright need?

Hello all,

how much does playwright need with the browser RAM and CPU? thanks!

This thread is trying to answer question "How much does playwright need with the browser RAM and CPU?"

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2 cpu & 4 gb ram per browser at least

1 cpu is enough on apple sillicon, at least for me, but it may vary

I am actually running it in GKE and it seems it needs more CPU but 1GB or ram is enough


I would be interested how to speed up the test as much as possible. on my M2 mac its running in 4.5 min and in the cloud on just CPU it runs 11-14 mins. not sure how to optimize more.

It is not that the server running in the k8s cluster is slow, when accessed from public loadbalancer. it is fast as locally. Just the chrome in cloud seems to have issues loading fast for example when redirecting from page to page.

Is the cloud instance in the same region as your local?

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