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Not being able to click on any element, after one element with role=listbox

remarkable_capybara_00574posted in #help-playwright
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Hello, I am using vs code+typescript+angular with playwright. Just did playwright install and npm update to make sure I have the project updated. I cannot click on any element, that is clickable, after a component with role listbox. Any sugestions?

This thread is trying to answer question "Why can't I click on any element after a component with role listbox in my project using vs code+typescript+angular with playwright?"

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Did you try running playwright recorder and see what it generates?


it can't generate anything


but pick locator can find the elements

Just issue with list box ?


so far yes, only detected with listbox


thanks 🙂

I actually started using PW because of angular, long story short, seemed the ylove using the shadow dom, not sure if they stll do, but you need to worry if the shadow dom is open or closed...


I think I found the issue, the title of this issue should be "Not being able to click on any element, after one element with attribute disabled"


according to chatgpt: When an element has the disabled attribute, it is typically used to indicate that the element cannot be interacted with or used. Therefore, when Playwright encounters an element with the disabled attribute, it assumes that it is not meant to be clicked or interacted with, which is why you might face issues when trying to interact with such elements.

Hard to say without code... Element? element handles or locators?

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