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Playwright_TypeScript: Pass HTMLElement as a function parameter, achieve using document.

megha.krishnanposted in #help-playwright
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How can I pass a HTMLElement found using the below code into a function?

const elementHandle = await page.evaluate(() => { const element = document.getElementById('FILTER_BOX') as HTMLInputElement; return element; ----- expecting to returns the HTMLElement. })

const action = new className(elementHandle); --elementHandle is passed as a parameter during an object creation (action). await action.applyFilter("FILTERBOX_VALUE");

But gets an error saying the passed is not a HTMLElement.

How can we resolve this in typescript.

This thread is trying to answer question "How can I pass a HTMLElement as a function parameter in TypeScript using Playwright?"

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You cannot pass complex objects between the browser and Node.js see here: https://playwright.dev/docs/evaluating So you most likely want to stay inside evaluate for your action class or use Locators instead in the Node.js world.

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