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NEW Playwright Test VsCode Extension Update!

Version 1.25.0 of playwright test has included some updates to the vsCode extnesion. In this video we cover off the new Playwright view from the extension

In this video, Jared from Commit Quality discusses the latest updates to the Playwright VS Code extension.

He first gives a brief overview of the Playwright extension, mentioning that he will not be discussing the installation process as that was covered in another video.

He then relays the importance of ensuring that the updated Playwright version (1.2 5.0) is installed to access the latest features. This can be accomplished simply by updating the Playwright version in the package.json file and running an npm install command.

He then proceeds to explain the new features one by one in the VS Code Playwright view:

  1. Pick Selector - This tool allows users to choose specific selectors in an open browser to use in their tests. The tool can be utilized during or after a test.

  2. Close All Browsers - As the name suggests, this simply closes all open browsers.

  3. Record New - This option provides users the ability to record a new Playwright test from scratch. A new test file is then automatically created.

  4. Record From Here - A uniquely handy tool that allows users to record a new test from the current state of the browser.

  5. Show and Reuse Browser - Instead of running in headless mode, this feature leaves the browser open after a test completion, therefore allowing for further actions.

Throughout the video, Jared gives hands-on demonstrations of each new update, making it easier to understand the application of each tool.

In sum, based on Jared’s walkthrough, the new updates made to the Playwright VS Code extension seem to provide users with even more capabilities to effectively conduct and record new tests.

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