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Encrypt & Decrypt user credentials | Crypto-JS | Playwright Tutorial - Part 89

A demonstration of how to use CryptoJS to encrypt and decrypt data, including code examples and step-by-step instructions

The blog post discusses the concept of encrypting and decrypting credentials in JavaScript. The author explains the need for encryption when storing sensitive information like usernames, passwords, and credit card details in scripts. He mentions that using encryption can help prevent the exposure of sensitive information in case something goes wrong.

The author goes on to explain how to use encryption and decryption techniques using the crypto-js library. He provides a code example demonstrating how to encrypt and decrypt a username and password using the AES algorithm and a secret key. He also mentions the importance of keeping the secret key secure and suggests passing it as an environment variable rather than hard-coding it in the script.

The blog post also briefly mentions the use of ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, to generate code snippets related to encryption and decryption. The author provides a glimpse of how to use the ChatGPT chatbox to generate code samples and discusses the potential for using it in test automation.

In the end, the author summarizes the steps to use encryption and decryption in test scripts, including installing the crypto-js library, encrypting the test data, creating a function to decrypt the data, and passing the secret key as an environment variable. He concludes by mentioning the possibility of future videos on using ChatGPT in test automation.

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