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Scrypt Hash Generator

A Scrypt hash generator tool takes in a string of characters and outputs a Scrypt hash value, which is a fixed-length alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies the input data.

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What is Scrypt?

It is a key derivation function that is designed to be slow and resistant to brute-force attacks. It is commonly used to hash passwords and store them in a database, but it can be used for any purpose that requires a variable-length output. It is recommended to use a salt value to make the hash more unique.

Salt values are random strings that are added to the input data before hashing. Salt values are not stored in the hash value itself, so they are not required to verify the hash value. Salt values can be added to the input data in any order, but they should not be added to the input data after the hash value has been generated. Salt values should be unique to the input data, so they should not be reused for other input data. Salt values should be stored in a separate file or database table.

How to Use

The tool accepts a YAML object with the following properties:

  • input: The string to hash.
  • keyLength: The length of the hash value. The default value is 10.


input: 'Hello, world!'
keyLength: 32

As you update the input, the output will automatically update.

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