What is the role of page object models in Playwright's testing API?


Page Object Models in Playwright

Page object models are a design pattern in test automation that create an abstraction layer between your test code and the UI of your application. This pattern helps to make your tests more maintainable, scalable, and readable.

Creating Page Classes

In Playwright, you can implement a page object model by creating classes that represent pages in your application. For instance, you could create a UserPage class that contains locators and helper methods specific to the user page. Similarly, you could create an AdminPage class for pages related to administrative tasks.

class UserPage {
  // ... locators and helper methods ...

class AdminPage {
  // ... locators and helper methods ...

Using Fixtures

To use these classes in your tests, declare them as fixtures using Playwright's testing API. Fixtures are reusable objects that provide setup and teardown logic for tests.

import { test } from '@playwright/test';

  userPage: new UserPage(),
  adminPage: new AdminPage(),

Writing Tests

Once you have declared your fixtures, you can use them in your tests by passing them as arguments to test functions.

test('admin and user', async ({ adminPage, userPage }) => {
  // ... interact with both adminPage and userPage ...
  await expect(adminPage.greeting).toHaveText('Welcome, Admin');
  await expect(userPage.greeting).toHaveText('Welcome, User');

Playwright provides many other features for writing maintainable tests such as interactions, assertions, and session storage management. Implementing a page object model using Playwright's testing API is an effective way of creating maintainable automated UI tests.

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