What is the method to manage checkboxes in Playwright?


Handling Checkboxes with Playwright

When working with checkboxes in Playwright, you'll use the ElementHandle class and its setChecked() method. This method allows you to check or uncheck a checkbox.

Here's how you use it:

const checkbox = await page.$('input[type=checkbox]');
await checkbox.setChecked(true); // checks the checkbox
await checkbox.setChecked(false); // unchecks the checkbox

The setChecked() method takes two arguments: checked and options.

  • checked is a boolean that determines the checkbox state. true checks the checkbox, false unchecks it.
  • options is an object with optional parameters.

The options object can include:

  • force: a boolean that, when true, bypasses actionability checks.
  • noWaitAfter: a boolean that, when true, skips waiting for navigations.
  • position: specifies where on the element padding box an action should take place.
  • timeout: sets maximum time in milliseconds before timing out.
  • trial: performs actionability checks without performing any actions on an element.

Playwright's API methods like page.click() ensure checkboxes are properly handled by performing several actionability checks before executing any actions on them. These checks include whether they're attached and visible.

For more details, check out the Playwright documentation.


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