What is the method to grant and revoke clipboard-read permission in Playwright?


Granting and Revoking Clipboard-Read Permission

To grant clipboard-read permission, you'll use the Playwright API. The permissions property in the use object of defineConfig() lets you specify permissions for all pages in the context. Include 'clipboard-read' in the array.

context.grantPermissions(['clipboard-read'], { origin: 'https://ray.run' });

If you want to grant permission for a specific domain, use the grantPermissions() method on the browser context object. Pass it an origin parameter with the domain. This allows notifications for that domain only.

In your test file, use the beforeEach() method. Pass it a callback function that runs before each test and signs in each page. Within this function, call context.grantPermissions(['clipboard-read'], { origin: 'https://ray.run' });. This ensures each page has clipboard-read permission for https://ray.run.

beforeEach(async ({ context }) => {
  await context.grantPermissions(['clipboard-read'], { origin: 'https://ray.run' });

To revoke all permissions, use the clearPermissions() method on the browser context object.

await context.clearPermissions();

These methods provided by Playwright API make obtaining clipboard-read permission easy and efficient for testing purposes.


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