What is the function of test.beforeAll() in @playwright/test and how do I use it?


Using test.beforeAll() in @playwright/test

In @playwright/test, test.beforeAll() is a hook that you can use to set up resources or configurations before your tests run.

If you want this hook to run before all tests in a specific group, you should place it inside the test.describe() block. Here's an example:

import { test } from '@playwright/test';

test.describe('My Test Suite', () => {
  test.beforeAll(async ({ page }) => {
    await page.goto('https://ray.run');

  test('My Test', async ({ page }) => {
    // Your test code here

In this case, the beforeAll hook will run before all tests in the 'My Test Suite' group. If you have multiple beforeAll hooks, they'll run in the order they were registered.

If a worker process restarts due to test failures, the beforeAll hook will run again in the new worker.

Alternatively, you can call beforeAll outside of any describe block. This will make it run before all tests in the file.

Don't forget to use test.afterAll() to clean up any resources set up in beforeAll. This ensures there are no lingering resources or processes after your tests finish.

In summary, where you place beforeAll depends on whether you want it to run for a specific group of tests or for all tests in a file.


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