What are the steps to troubleshoot the 'Target page, context or browser has been closed' error in Github Actions CI when using @playwright/test?


Sure, let's dive into how you can troubleshoot the "Target page, context or browser has been closed" error in GitHub Actions CI with @playwright/test.

First, ensure you've initialized a git repository using git init. This is crucial for pushing your code to GitHub.

git init

Next, head over to the Actions tab on your GitHub repository. Here, you'll see the status of your workflows.

Find the workflow run that's causing trouble and click on it. You'll see a detailed list of actions that GitHub performed during that run.

Look for the "Run Playwright tests" action. Click on it to get more information about the error messages, expected results, received results, and call log.

For a more detailed report, download the HTML report by clicking on "playwright-report" in the Artifacts section.

Extract the downloaded zip file into a folder where Playwright is installed.

Now, open your command line interface (CLI), navigate to the directory where you extracted the report and run the following command:

npx playwright show-report <your-extracted-folder>

This command will serve up the report locally, allowing you to view it in your browser.

By following these steps, you'll be able to identify why your tests are failing and fix any issues related to prematurely closing target pages, contexts or browsers in GitHub Actions CI.

For more insights on handling flaky tests in Playwright, check out this blog post.


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