What are the steps to troubleshoot a blank white page in the trace viewer when using Playwright?


Debugging Blank White Page in Playwright Trace Viewer

Experiencing a blank white page in the trace viewer? Here's how you can debug it:

Step 1: Check Trace File Generation

First, ensure that your trace file is being generated correctly during your test execution. You should be using the correct API or command to generate this file.

Step 2: Validate Trace File

Next, open the saved trace using Playwright CLI or on trace.playwright.dev. If you can't open it, there might be an issue with the trace file itself. Make sure it's not corrupted and contains valid data.

Step 3: Try Different Trace Viewing Methods

If you're still seeing a blank white page when viewing traces, try other methods to open and view them. For instance, instead of using npx playwright show-trace, try uploading the trace file directly on trace.playwright.dev.

Step 4: Check CORS Rules

If you're trying to open remote traces from a URL, make sure that Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) rules aren't restricting access to those traces.

Step 5: Verify Compatibility

Ensure that your version of Playwright and Trace Viewer are compatible. An incompatible combination could result in issues like a blank white page appearing in the tracer view.

Step 6: Review Documentation

Refer to the official Playwright documentation on debugging tests and using Trace Viewer for more detailed information. If these steps don't resolve your issue, consider reaching out to Playwright's community forums or support channels for additional assistance.

For more insights on Playwright, check out these blog posts on detecting and handling flaky tests and writing efficient Playwright test scripts.


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