What are the steps to determine the browser version in a default Playwright setup?


Determining Browser Version in Playwright

First, you need to check the version of Playwright installed in your project. Open your terminal, navigate to your project directory, and run the following command:

npx playwright --version

This command will display your installed Playwright version.

Next, open your 'playwright.config.ts' file. Here, you'll find a 'projects' section. Each project represents a different browser or configuration for your tests.

Each project object has a 'name' property, specifying the browser or configuration. For instance, a project named 'chromium' represents tests running on the Chromium browser.

To find out the version of each browser in your projects, you need to know which Playwright version corresponds to each browser. You can find this information in Playwright's release notes.

Remember, Playwright uses open source Chromium builds by default for browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. So, when Google Chrome N is released globally, Playwright already supports Chromium N+1. This version becomes available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge after a few weeks.

In summary, use npx playwright --version to find your Playwright version. Refer to Playwright's release notes to determine the browser versions used in your 'playwright.config.ts' projects.


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