What are the necessary versions and dependencies for running Playwright tests with Selenium Grid?


Setting Up Playwright Tests with Selenium Grid

To run Playwright tests using Selenium Grid, you need to match your Chromedriver version with your Chrome browser version. For instance, if you're using Chrome version 94, your Chromedriver should also be version 94.

Maven Dependencies

Include the necessary dependencies in your pom.xml file. Here's an example:


Remember to update the versions as per your requirements.

Chrome Browser Version

Use a stable Chrome release that's compatible with both Playwright and Selenium Grid Hub running Selenium 4. Check their respective documentation or release notes for compatibility.

Selenium Server Version

Ensure you have a compatible version of Selenium server jar file downloaded and configured in your environment. To start a selenium node using Java, use this command:

java -jar selenium-server-<version>.jar node

Replace <version> with the appropriate version number based on your setup.

In conclusion, to run Playwright tests using Selenium Grid, match your Chromedriver version with your Chrome browser version, include the necessary Maven dependencies, use a compatible Chrome browser version, and have a compatible Selenium server configured.


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