What are some reasons why Playwright might not be finding an element in the DOM despite using 'data-testid'?


Why Playwright Might Not Locate Your Element

You've added a 'data-testid' to your element, but Playwright still can't find it. Here's why this might be happening:

Custom Test ID Attribute

By default, Playwright uses 'data-testid' to locate elements. If you've set a custom test id attribute but are still using 'data-testid', Playwright won't find your element. For example, if you've set 'data-pw' as your test id attribute:

import { defineConfig } from '@playwright/test';

export default defineConfig({
  use: {
    testIdAttribute: 'data-pw'

Make sure you're using 'data-pw' in your HTML, not 'data-testid'.

User-Facing Locators

Test ids are great, but they aren't user-facing. If the role or text value is important for locating an element (like when simulating user interactions), consider using user-facing locators such as role and text locators.

Shadow DOM

Playwright works with elements in Shadow DOM by default. If there are exceptions or specific conditions related to Shadow DOM in your case, they might affect how Playwright interacts with certain elements.

In short, make sure you're using the correct test id attribute and consider other factors like user-facing locators and Shadow DOM. Happy testing with @playwright/test!


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