What are some potential reasons why Playwright fails to load a page when navigating to a URL without 'www', and how can I troubleshoot this issue?


Troubleshooting Playwright Navigation Issues

Experiencing issues with Playwright when navigating to a URL without "www"? Here are some potential reasons and steps to troubleshoot:

Check Your BaseURL Configuration

Playwright uses the baseURL property in the playwright.config.ts file to construct the complete URL. Make sure it matches your desired base URL format.

module.exports = {
  baseURL: 'http://ray.run'

Look for Redirects

Playwright might not handle redirects properly when accessing URLs without "www". Check if there are any redirects happening.

Consider Browser Behavior

Different browsers handle URLs differently. Try running your tests with different browsers supported by Playwright (Chromium, Firefox, WebKit).

Check Network Interception

If you've enabled network interception using page.route(), make sure it doesn't interfere with navigating URLs without "www".

await page.route('**/*', route => {

Debugging and Further Investigation

Enable verbose logging in Playwright for more detailed information. Test your application on different environments. Consult the official Playwright documentation and community forums for any known issues.

const { test, expect } = require('@playwright/test');

test('debugging example', async ({ page }) => {
  await page.goto('http://ray.run');
  const title = await page.title();

Remember, if none of these steps resolve the issue, provide more specific details about your code implementation for further help.


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