What are alternative assertions to use in Playwright Test when expect(locator).toBeVisible() fails on cloud testing platforms like BrowserStack or LambdaTest?


When using @playwright/test on cloud testing platforms like BrowserStack or LambdaTest, expect(locator).toBeVisible() might fail due to limited resources or lack of a graphical user interface (GUI). To overcome this issue, you can use alternative assertions.

Alternative Assertions

Instead of expect(locator).toBeVisible(), try using:

  1. toHaveText(): Check if the locator contains the expected text.

    await expect(locator).toHaveText('Expected Text');
  2. toHaveTitle(): Check if the page has the expected title.

    await expect(page).toHaveTitle('Expected Title');
  3. toBeChecked(): Check if a checkbox or radio button is checked.

    await expect(locator).toBeChecked();
  4. toBeDisabled(): Check if an element is disabled.

    await expect(locator).toBeDisabled();
  5. toContainText(): Check if an element contains the specified text.

    await expect(locator).toContainText('Partial Text');

Increase Timeout for Visibility Checks

You can also increase the timeout for visibility checks in your test project's configuration:

import { expect } from '@playwright/test';

expect.setTimeout(5000); // Set timeout to 5 seconds

Debugging Tests

If you still encounter issues, use the Playwright Inspector to debug your tests. Run your tests with the --debug flag to step through your test code and view actionability logs in real-time.

Remember to consider alternative assertions and increase timeouts for visibility checks when facing issues with expect(locator).toBeVisible() on cloud testing platforms.

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