How do I use the all() method to iterate over multiple elements in Playwright?


Iterating Over a Locator in Playwright

In Playwright, you can use the all() method on Locator instances to iterate over multiple elements that match a certain selector. Here's how you do it:

const locators = page.locator('your-selector').all();

This gives you an array of locators, each pointing to one of the matching elements. But remember, all() doesn't wait for elements to match the locator. It immediately returns whatever is present on the page. This can lead to unpredictable results with dynamic content.

To avoid this, wait for all relevant content to finish loading before calling all(). You can use Playwright's auto-waiting mechanism or manually wait for specific events or conditions.

await page.waitForSelector('your-selector');
const locators = page.locator('your-selector').all();

Once you have the array of locators, you can iterate over them using standard JavaScript iteration methods like for loops or forEach(). In each iteration, you can interact with individual elements using methods like click(), fill(), selectOption(), etc.

for (const locator of locators) {
  await locator.click();

And that's it! You've successfully iterated over a locator in Playwright. Remember to handle dynamic content properly and wait for relevant content before calling all(). Happy testing!


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