How do I use Playwright to test Svelte components?


Testing Svelte Components with Playwright

First, you need to install Playwright Test for components for Svelte. Run npm init playwright@latest -• --ct in your terminal. This command creates several files in your workspace, including index.html and index.ts.

Next, create a test file named App.spec.ts in your project's src directory. Here's how you can import the necessary functions from @playwright/experimental-ct-svelte and your Svelte component:

import { test, expect } from '@playwright/experimental-ct-svelte';
import MyComponent from './MyComponent.svelte';

Now, you can define a test case that mounts your Svelte component and asserts its behavior. Here's an example:

test.use({ viewport: { width: 500, height: 500 } });

test('should display greeting', async ({ mount }) => {
  const component = await mount(MyComponent);
  await expect(component).toContainText('Hello World!');

test('should update name on button click', async ({ mount }) => {
  const component = await mount(MyComponent);
  const button = await component.locator('button');
  // Click button
  await button.click();
  // Assert name has been updated
  await expect(component).toContainText('Hello Alice!');

Finally, run your tests using npm run test-ct. You can also configure reporting options or specify which browsers to use for testing by referring to the Playwright config documentation. Happy testing with Playwright!

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