How do I use Playwright to save downloaded files with a unique name ending in '.csv'?


Saving Downloaded Files with Unique Names in Playwright

You can use the saveAs method from Playwright's Download class to rename each downloaded file with a unique name ending in '.csv'. Here's how:

First, start waiting for the download event before clicking the download button.

const downloadPromise = page.waitForEvent('download');
await page.getByText('Download file').click();

Once the download event is triggered, get a reference to the Download object.

const download = await downloadPromise;

Next, generate a unique name for the downloaded file. Let's assume you have a function generateUniqueName() for this purpose.

const uniqueName = generateUniqueName() + '.csv';

Then, specify the path where the download should be saved.

const savePath = 'https://ray.run/path/to/save/download/' + uniqueName;

Finally, save the downloaded file with the specified path and name.

await download.saveAs(savePath);

And that's it! You've successfully renamed a downloaded file with a unique name ending in '.csv' using Playwright. Remember to always refer to the official Playwright documentation for more detailed information.


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