How do I use Playwright to retrieve information about the children of div elements on a webpage?


Fetching Child Elements of Divs with Playwright

You can use Playwright's $$eval method to fetch the children of divs. This method finds all elements matching a given selector and passes them as an array to a function.

Here's how you can get the number of children each div has:

const childCounts = await page.$$eval('div', (divs) => {
  return divs.map(div => div.children.length);

This will return an array with the number of children each div has.

For more complex operations, you can use a more detailed function in your $$eval call. For instance, if you want to get each child element's tag name and text content, you can do:

const childData = await page.$$eval('div', (divs) => {
  const data = [];
  for (const div of divs) {
    const childrenData = [];
    for (const child of Array.from(div.children)) {
      const textContent = child.textContent;
      const tagName = child.tagName;
      childrenData.push({ textContent, tagName });
  return data;

This will return an array with arrays representing each div's children. Each inner array contains objects with each child element's tag name and text content.

In short, Playwright's $$eval method is a handy tool for fetching information about all elements matching a certain selector. You can pass in any function that takes in an array of Element objects and returns some value based on those elements.


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