How do I use Playwright to navigate to a website, log in, and verify that I am logged in successfully?


To log in and verify your login using @playwright/test, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the webpage

Use page.goto() to navigate to the desired webpage:

await page.goto('https://ray.run/');

2. Click the Login button

Locate and click the login button with page.click():

await page.click('.login-button');

3. Fill out the Login Form

Fill out the necessary fields using page.fill():

await page.fill('#username', 'your_username');
await page.fill('#password', 'your_password');

4. Click the Submit/Login Button

Locate and click the submit/login button with page.click():

await page.click('.submit-button');

5. Verify successful login

Wait for an element visible only when logged in, using expect(page).toHaveSelector():

await expect(page).toHaveSelector('.user-profile');

By following these steps and replacing placeholders like "your_username" and "your_password" with your actual credentials, you'll be able to log in and verify your login using Playwright.

Thank you!
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