How do I use Playwright to interact with multiple windows in an Electron application for testing?


Working with Multiple Windows in Electron Apps with Playwright

You can easily interact with different windows in an Electron app using Playwright. First, launch your Electron app with electron.launch(), passing the main script name as an argument.

const { _electron: electron } = require('@playwright/test');

(async () => {
  const electronApp = await electron.launch({ args: ['main.js'] });

To get the first window that opens, use electronApp.firstWindow(). This returns a Page object representing the window.

const window = await electronApp.firstWindow();

Now, you can perform various actions on this window, like getting its title, capturing screenshots, or clicking buttons.

console.log(await window.title());
await window.screenshot({ path: 'intro.png' });
await window.click('text=Click me');

If your app has multiple windows, you can use browserWindow(page) to get a BrowserWindow object for a specific page, or windows() to get an array of Page objects for all open windows.

const browserWindow = await electronApplication.browserWindow(page);
const allWindows = await electronApplication.windows();

With these methods, you can easily distinguish between different windows in your Electron app for testing purposes. Remember, this guide assumes you're using Playwright with Electron. If your app has specific requirements, you might need to adjust your approach.


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