How do I use Playwright to click a button that is not currently visible in the viewport on Mobile Safari?


Sure, you can click a button outside the viewport on Mobile Safari with Playwright. Here's how:

First, find the button using Playwright's locator methods like page.locator() or page.$(). Once you've got the button, use the scrollIntoViewIfNeeded() method to make sure it's in the viewport. Then, you're ready to click it with the click() method.

Here's a quick TypeScript code snippet to show you how it's done:

// Find the button and scroll it into view
const button = await page.locator('button').first();
await button.scrollIntoViewIfNeeded();

// Now click the button
await button.click();

This way, even if a button is outside the viewport on Mobile Safari, you can still click it successfully. Just remember, you're using Playwright for browser automation and testing, and different browsers might behave a little differently with elements outside the viewport.

If you need more help or clarification, just ask!


Thank you!
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