How do I use Playwright's test generator feature to automate tests for a website that requires authentication like Genesys PureCloud?


Automate Tests with Playwright's Test Generator

First, install Playwright in your project with the command:

npm install playwright

Next, use the codegen command to run the test generator. This opens a browser window where you can interact with the website and record your actions.

npx playwright codegen https://ray.run

Click on "Record new" in the Testing sidebar to start recording a new test. This creates a new test file and opens a browser window. Navigate to the URL of the website you want to test.

Interact with the website as if you were using it manually. Playwright records all your interactions and generates corresponding TypeScript code in real-time.

When you're done recording, click cancel or close the browser window. You can then inspect your generated test file (e.g., test-1.spec.ts) in an editor like VS Code.

The generated test file contains all your recorded actions as TypeScript code snippets using Playwright's API. You can enhance these tests by adding assertions or modifying them to meet your testing requirements.

Remember, when running tests generated by Playwright's codegen feature, handle sensitive information appropriately. If any authentication-related data is stored during recording (e.g., cookies or local storage), handle it securely and follow best practices for storing sensitive information.

In summary, Playwright's test generator feature lets you automate browser actions and generate tests without the need to manually login. By recording your interactions with the website, Playwright generates code that can be customized and enhanced to meet your testing needs.


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