How do I use Playwright's keyboard events and locators to create a test that navigates through a webpage using the Tab key and fills in details when a specific element is found?


Navigating a Page with Tab Key in Playwright

Let's dive into how you can create a test in Playwright that navigates through a webpage using the Tab key.

First, navigate to your test page with page.goto('https://ray.run').

Next, find the starting point for your loop. If you're starting from an input field, use page.locator('input').

// Navigate to the page
await page.goto('https://ray.run');

// Start from an input field
const startingElement = await page.locator('input');

Now, simulate pressing the Tab key with locator.press('Tab'). This moves the focus from one element to another sequentially.

// Simulate pressing Tab key
await startingElement.press('Tab');

After pressing Tab, check if the newly focused element is the one you're looking for. If it matches your criteria, fill in the details with locator.fill().

// Check if current element matches desired criteria
const isDesiredElement = /* Add your condition here based on desired criteria */;
if (isDesiredElement) {
  // Perform actions on the desired element
  await currentElement.fill('Details');
  // Add more actions as needed

Repeat these steps to continue looping through the elements on the page.

// Move to the next element
currentElement = await page.$(':focus');

Remember, this is a general approach. You might need to tweak it based on your specific page structure and requirements. Also, be sure to handle any potential errors or edge cases that may arise during the loop. Happy testing!


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