How do I use JavaScript async/await to ensure a video has finished saving in Playwright?


Waiting for Video Saving in Playwright

You can use the await keyword along with the video.saveAs() method in Playwright to wait for a video to finish saving. This method saves the video to a path you specify and waits until the page is closed and the video is fully saved.

Here's how you can do it:

const path = await page.video().path(); // Get the path where the video will be recorded

await page.video().saveAs(path); // Save the video to the path

console.log("Video has been saved.");

In this example, we first get the path where the video will be recorded using page.video().path(). Then, we save the video to that path using page.video().saveAs(path). The code will pause here until the video is fully saved.

Remember, you need to close both your browser context and page before trying to access or save any videos. Videos are only available after either the browser context or page is closed.

If you manually create a browser context, make sure to call browserContext.close() before trying to access or save any videos associated with that context.

The time it takes for Playwright to finish saving a video after calling video.saveAs() can vary. It's recommended to add appropriate waiting mechanisms or timeouts if necessary.


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