How do I upload files without a submit button using setInputFiles in Playwright?


To upload a PDF file without a submit button using setInputFiles in @playwright/test, first locate the input element with the type "file" using the page.getByLabel() method. Then, call setInputFiles() on the input element, passing either a string or an array of strings representing the file paths.

Here's an example for selecting one file:

await page.getByLabel('Upload file').setInputFiles('myfile.pdf');

For multiple files, pass an array of strings:

await page.getByLabel('Upload files').setInputFiles(['file1.txt', 'file2.txt']);

To deselect all files, pass an empty array:

await page.getByLabel('Upload file').setInputFiles([]);

You can also upload a buffer from memory:

await page.getByLabel('Upload file').setInputFiles({
  name: 'file.txt',
  mimeType: 'text/plain',
  buffer: Buffer.from('this is test')

If the input element is created dynamically, handle the page.on('filechooser') event or use a corresponding waiting method upon your action. Start waiting for this event before clicking on any button that triggers it. Once triggered, handle it by calling setFiles() on its returned object.

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