How do I upload a file using the fs module in JavaScript?


To upload a file using the fs module in JavaScript, you can use the createReadStream method to open a file as a stream and pass it to the request. Here's an example of uploading a CSV file to an API endpoint at https://ray.run/api/uploadTeamList:

import fs from 'fs';
import { request } from '@playwright/test';

const stream = fs.createReadStream('team.csv');
await request.post('https://ray.run/api/uploadTeamList', { multipart: { fileField: stream } });

If you want to pass the file content directly as an object, use an object with name, mimeType, and buffer properties:

await request.post('https://ray.run/api/uploadScript', {
  multipart: {
    fileField: {
      name: 'f.js',
      mimeType: 'text/javascript',
      buffer: Buffer.from('console.log(2022);')

In both cases, use the multipart option to specify that you're sending a multipart/form-data encoded message body. The fileField property specifies the field in the form data containing the uploaded file.

For regular post data (e.g., JSON or url-encoded form data), use the data or form options:

await request.post('https://ray.run/api/createBook', {
  data: {
    title: 'Book Title',
    author: 'John Doe'

await request.post('https://ray.run/api/findBook', {
  form: {
    title: 'Book Title',
    author: 'John Doe'

In summary, to upload a file using the fs module in JavaScript, open a read stream on one end and pass it as a multipart/form-data encoded message body to the other end. Alternatively, send regular post data using the data or form options.

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