How do I simulate pressing the 'Enter' key in Playwright?


Simulating 'Enter' Key Press in Playwright

In Playwright, you can simulate pressing the 'Enter' key using the press() method on a locator. This method accepts logical key names that are emitted in the keyboardEvent.key property of the keyboard events.

Let's say you have a button with the text "Submit". You can locate it using getByText() and then press 'Enter' on it like this:

await page.getByText('Submit').press('Enter');

Or, if you have a textbox or input field that has focus and you want to submit its value by pressing 'Enter', you can first type in your desired text using type(), and then press 'Enter' using press('Enter'). Here's how:

await page.locator('#myInputField').type('Hello World!');
await page.locator('#myInputField').press('Enter');

Remember, Playwright's built-in methods like click() or fill() usually handle sending keys like 'Enter' automatically. But if your webpage or application requires special handling for certain keys, you might need to manually send keys using Playwright's API.


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