How do I simulate a drag operation on a select component using Playwright when I only have the number of pixels?


Sure, let's simulate a drag operation on a select component using Playwright. We'll use the mouse class methods provided by Playwright.

First, hover over the element you want to drag. Use the locator's hover method like this:

await page.locator('#item-to-be-dragged').hover();

Next, press down the left mouse button:

await page.mouse.down();

Now, move your mouse to simulate dragging. You can specify the number of pixels instead of a target element. Here's how to move 100 pixels down:

await page.mouse.move(0, 100);

Finally, release your mouse button:

await page.mouse.up();

This sequence simulates dragging an item downwards by 100 pixels. If your page relies on dispatching 'dragover' event, you'll need at least two mouse moves for it to trigger reliably. In such case, repeat the last two steps.

Remember, these operations are asynchronous, so make sure they're awaited or handled properly with promises. Playwright provides high level APIs for common actions like click or type into input fields, but it also provides low level APIs for more control when needed.

For more insights on Playwright, check out this blog post.


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