How do I save the result of a text search in Playwright for future use in my program?


Storing Text Search Results in Variables

You can store the result of a text search in a variable for future use in your program. Here's how to do it in TypeScript with @playwright/test.

First, declare a variable and assign it the text you're searching for:

const searchText = 'orange';

Next, use the getByText() function to find an element with that text content. Store the result in another variable:

const element = await page.getByText(searchText);

Now, you can reuse element as needed in your program. For example, if you want to click on the element multiple times, you can do so like this:

await element.click();
// ... other code ...
await element.click();
// ... more code ...

Remember, variables are scoped within their respective blocks or functions. If you need to access the stored value across different parts of your program, make sure to define your variables at an appropriate scope.

Also, if your program involves asynchronous operations or awaits for promises, handle them properly using async/await syntax or promise chaining.

Storing values from a text search in variables allows you to conveniently access and manipulate those values throughout your program whenever needed.


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