How do I retrieve values from the Playwright test configuration within a test function?


To access values from the Playwright test configuration within a test function, you can use the testInfo parameter. This parameter contains information about the current test, including the configuration values defined in playwright.config.ts.

For example, if you have a metadata property in your config file:

export default {
  metadata: 'acceptance tests',

Access this value in your test using testInfo.config.metadata. Similarly, if you have an outputDir property:

export default {
  outputDir: './test-results',

Access it using testInfo.outputDir.

You can also access other values through the testInfo object, such as the name of the current project with testInfo.project.name, or information about the current browser context using testInfo.context.

Keep in mind that some values may be undefined depending on your test configuration. For example, if you haven't specified a project name in your config file or on the command line when running tests, then testInfo.project.name will return undefined.

In summary, accessing configuration values within a test function is simple and allows you to customize behavior based on different configurations.

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