How do I retrieve the value of the selected option in a dropdown using Playwright?


Retrieving Selected Option in Playwright

You can easily get the currently selected option from a select element in Playwright using the page.getAttribute() method. This method allows you to fetch the value of a specific attribute for an element.

Here's a quick example:

const selectedOption = await page.getAttribute('select#mySelect', 'value');

In this code snippet, 'select#mySelect' is the selector for the select element you're interested in. 'value' is the attribute name that corresponds to the value of each option in the select element.

The page.getAttribute() method returns a Promise that resolves to either null or a string. If no option is selected, it will return null.

If you're interested in other attributes of the currently selected option, such as its label or index, you can adjust your code like so:

const label = await page.getAttribute('select#mySelect', 'label');
const index = await page.getAttribute('select#mySelect', 'index');

Keep in mind that these examples assume you've already navigated to a page using Playwright and have access to a valid instance of page.

For the most accurate information, always refer back to the official Playwright documentation. Happy testing with Playwright!


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