How do I retrieve the href attribute of a locator in Playwright?


Retrieving the href Attribute of a Locator in Playwright

In Playwright, a locator is a view to the elements on a page. It captures the logic to retrieve the element at any given moment. You can create a locator using the page.locator() method with a valid selector string. For example:

const locator = page.locator('button');

However, Playwright's API doesn't provide a direct method to get the href attribute of an element using locators. But don't worry, you can still achieve this by executing custom JavaScript code in the Playwright context.

You can use the page.evaluate() method, which allows running arbitrary JavaScript code within the context of your web page. Here's an example:

const href = await page.evaluate(() => {
  const link = document.querySelector('a');
  return link.getAttribute('href');

In this example, we're selecting an anchor tag (<a>) from our web page and then returning its href attribute value using the getAttribute() method. The result is then logged to the console for debugging purposes.

So, while there's no direct method in Playwright's API to get the href attribute value of an element using locators, you can still get it by executing custom JavaScript code with the help of DOM manipulation methods like getAttribute().


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