How do I manage automating windows from multiple domains in the same script using Playwright?


Sure, you can automate windows from multiple domains in the same script with Playwright. But, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Browser Download Location

By default, Playwright downloads browsers into OS-specific cache folders. If you're working with multiple domains, you might need to change this. You can ask Playwright to download the browsers into a specific location using the PLAYWRIGHT_BROWSERS_PATH environment variable. This ensures that the browsers can be accessed from any domain.

process.env['PLAYWRIGHT_BROWSERS_PATH'] = '/path/to/folder';

Proxy Settings

If your company uses an internal proxy that blocks direct access to public resources, you can configure Playwright to download browsers via a proxy server. Use the HTTPS_PROXY environment variable for this. If the proxy requests get intercepted with a custom untrusted certificate authority (CA) and it causes an error while downloading the browsers, set your custom root certificates via NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS environment variable before installing the browsers.

process.env['HTTPS_PROXY'] = 'http://myproxy.com:8080';
process.env['NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS'] = '/path/to/certificates';

Parameterizing Tests

You can parameterize tests in Playwright by passing environment variables through the command line or configuration files like .env files. This makes it easier to manage environment variables across different domains and ensures that tests can run against different environments like staging or production.

// .env file

Remember, while it's possible to automate windows from multiple domains in the same script with Playwright, you need to consider factors like browser download location and proxy settings. Also, parameterizing tests through configuration files or command line arguments can make managing different environments easier and more efficient.


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