How do I locate and interact with a button using Playwright?


Question: How do I find a button using @playwright/test?


To find a button with Playwright, use locators based on user-facing attributes like role, text, and test id locators. This makes your selectors resilient to DOM changes.

Here's an example of finding a button by its role and text:

import { test, expect } from '@playwright/test';

test('Find a button', async ({ page }) => {
  await page.goto('https://ray.run/');

  const button = await page.locator('button:has-text("Submit")');
  await button.click();

  // Add your assertions here

You can also chain and filter locators to narrow down your search. For instance, find an item with text "Product 2" within a list and click on its "Add to cart" button:

import { test, expect } from '@playwright/test';

test('Find a button within a list item', async ({ page }) => {
  await page.goto('https://ray.run/');

  const listItem = await page.locator('li:has-text("Product 2")');
  const addToCartButton = await listItem.locator('button:has-text("Add to cart")');
  await addToCartButton.click();

  // Add your assertions here

Use Playwright's test generator to automatically generate tests and pick locators for you. Run the codegen command followed by the URL:

npx playwright codegen ray.run

In summary, use resilient locators based on user-facing attributes, chain and filter locators, and leverage tools like the test generator to find buttons with Playwright.

Thank you!
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