How do I interact with multiple elements using Playwright test runner?


To work with multiple elements in @playwright/test, use the page.locator() method. It returns a Locator object representing a collection of elements matching the given selector. You can perform actions on all elements in this collection by chaining methods to the Locator object.

For instance, to select all checkboxes with a certain class name:

const checkboxes = page.locator('.my-checkbox-class');
await checkboxes.check();

This finds and checks all elements with the "my-checkbox-class" class.

You can also filter locators by text or another locator using the filter() method. If you want to select only buttons with a specific text label:

const buttons = page.locator('button').filter({ hasText: 'Submit' });
await buttons.click();

This finds all button elements, filters them to only those with text "Submit", and clicks on each of them.

Playwright provides code generation tools to help generate locators for your tests automatically, which is useful when dealing with complex web applications.

In summary, use the page.locator() method to create a Locator object representing a collection of matching elements, and perform actions on this collection using chained methods like check(), click(), or filter(). Additionally, code generation tools are available to simplify locator selection for more complex scenarios.

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